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Adaptation and Validation of an Atmospheric Model to Simulate Acoustic and Gravity Waves in the Martian MLT

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Lynsey B. Schroeder

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Lynsey B. Schroeder, Christopher J. Heale, Jonathan B. Snively.

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MLT Gravity Waves
Planetary Studies


In this study, a non-linear compressible atmospheric dynamics model [Snively et al., JGR, 113, A06303, 2008] has been adapted for Martian atmospheric conditions and validated to investigate propagation of internal atmospheric acoustic and gravity waves in the Martian atmosphere. The Martian ambient atmospheric conditions are specified via reference models, such as the Mars Global Reference Atmospheric Model (MarsGRAM), produced by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center [e.g., Justh et al., http://www-mars.lmd.jussieu.fr/paris2011/abstracts/justh_paris2011.pdf, 2011]. The propagation characteristics of acoustic and gravity waves, generated by modeled sources, are investigated above geographically significant sites. Furthermore, the two-dimensional time-dependent results of this investigation are compared with the linearized one-dimensional numerical model results of Parish et al. [Icarus, 203, 28-37, 2009] to assess the upward propagation and dissipation of gravity waves in the Martian lower thermosphere.

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