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Abstracts submitted for 2014 Space Weather Workshop .

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The SWMF-Geospace Capabilities for Transition to Operations Tamas I. Gombosi Invited Speaker View
The Major Solar Eruptive Event in July 2012: Defining Extreme Space Weather Scenarios Daniel N. Baker Invited Speaker View
Cross Comparison of Energetic Partical Data between Fengyun and NOAA Satellites Jiawei Li Invited Speaker View
Space Weather Services in CMA Dan Du Poster View
Study of the recurring dimming region detected at AR 11305 using the Coronal Dimming Tracker (CoDiT) Larisza D. Krista Poster View
Towards Obtaining Early-Stage SEP Spectra from High-Cadence EUV Coronal Shock Imaging Kamen Kozarev Poster View
A Mission Planning Tool for Solar Energetic Particle Radiation James Adams Poster View
Assessing the performance of thermospheric modelling with data assimilation: results of the ATMOP project Sophie A. Murray Poster View
Solar EUV Radiation Forecast System John Fontenla Poster View
First forecast of a sudden stratospheric warming with a coupled whole-atmosphere/ionosphere model IDEA Houjun Wang Poster View
WINCS/SWATS Initial On-Orbit Performance Results Andrew C Nicholas Poster View
GROUP-C and LITES Experiments for Ionospheric Remote Sensing aboard the ISS Scott Budzien Poster View
NERC GMD Standards Frank J Koza Invited Speaker View
Rapid, low-cost prediction of geomagnetic perturbations from real-time solar wind measurements Daniel Weimer Invited Speaker View
A comprehensive approach to reliable solar flare and solar energetic particle forecasting with results Alexander Engell Poster View
Solar Energetic Particle Measurements Intercalibration Workshop: Today's Topics and Long-Term Goals Juan Rodriguez Invited Speaker View
Activities related to space-weather impact on critical infrastructures at the EC’s Joint Research Centre Elisabeth Krausmann Invited Speaker View
Solar Maximum - It's Here, Finally Douglas Biesecker Invited Speaker View
Forecast System Ionosphere Jens Berdermann Poster View
A COSPAR/ILWS roadmap towards advanced space weather science to protect society's technological infrastructure Karel Schrijver Invited Speaker View
Using Remote-Sensing Radio Observations of the Inner Heliosphere for Space Weather Science and Operations Mario M. Bisi Poster View
Air Force Weather Update David Bacot Invited Speaker View
WMO and CGMS involvement in space weather Jerome Lafeuille Invited Speaker View
Responsive Environmental Assessment Commercial Hosting (REACH) Demonstration Daniel Kimmich Invited Speaker View
Transitioning Research Models into Operations George Millward Invited Speaker View
The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope: a Space Weather Microscope Thomas Berger Poster View
New ISES Website and Forecaster Discussion Tools Sunhak Hong Invited Speaker View
Sunspot Identification and Classification Capability of the Automatic Solar Synoptic Analyzer Sunhak Hong Poster View
Forecast of solar proton flux profiles for well-connected events Eun-Young Ji Poster View
A New Space Weather Index for Aviation Matthias M. Meier Invited Speaker View
IMPACT: Integrated Modeling of Perturbations in Atmospheres for Conjunction Tracking David C Thompson Invited Speaker View
Lessons learnt from forecast verification at IPS Andrew Kelly Poster View
Assimilative Neutral Wind Bias Correction Scheme for Global Ionospheric Modeling at Midlatitude Yang-Yi Sun Poster View
Progress Towards MIRA: The new CARI-7 and ESRA Kyle Copeland Invited Speaker View
Radiation Belt Storm Monitoring System Developed by KASI Jaejin Lee Poster View
Database Comparison to Extend the Usefulness of DMSP Derived Electric Field Data James Penrod Poster View
Geomagnetic Disturbances - Electric Power Grid Lawrence Zanetti Poster View
The 3D Reconstruction of the IPS Remote-Sensing Data: Global Solar Wind Boundaries for Driving 3D-MHD Models HSIU-SHAN YU Poster View
Intercalibration of Solar Protons Flux measurements: IMP8/GME, NOAA/GOES and ESA SREM Ingmar Sandberg Poster View
Operational specification and forecasting advances for Dst, LEO thermospheric densities, and aviation radiation dose and dose rate W. Kent Tobiska Poster View
The AU/AL/AE prediction models Bingxian Luo Poster View
Space Weather Observations from the GOLD Mission Richard Eastes Invited Speaker View
Storm-time behaviors of the thermospheric O/N2 and NO variations Yongliang Zhang Poster View
Space weather products from the user requests to the development of regional magnetic indices and GNSS vertical error maps Clezio M Denardini Poster View
Maritime user requirements at high latitudes - the MARENOR project Rico Behlke Poster View
Ionospheric Assimilation of Radio Occultation and Ground-based GPS data using Non-stationary Background Model Error Covariance CHI-YEN LIN Poster View
Compare the CME arrival time and the predicted time on a basis of TypeⅡ solar radio bursts Sarah Park Poster View
The possibility of forecasting sporadic E layer appearance. Beata Dziak-Jankowska Poster View
Regional Warning Centre Warsaw report and future perspectives. Beata Dziak-Jankowska Poster View
Increasing Biological Hazards from Solar Energetic Particles and Galactic Cosmic Rays Nathan Schwadron Invited Speaker View
MSFC/EV44 Natural Environment Capabilities Linda Parker Poster View
CubeSat Susceptibility to Auroral Space Weather Events Emily M Willis Poster View
Space Weather Initiatives at the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Mangala Sharma Invited Speaker View
Near-Real-Time Low-Altitude Radiation Belt Specification Stuart Huston Poster View
Predicting ground electric field due to geomagnetic disturbances Manoj Nair Poster View
ASHI – A light-weight All Sky Heliospheric Imager Design for the DISCOVR follow-on Bernard V. Jackson Poster View
Space Monitoring and Prediction Center at SINP MSU Vladimir Kalegaev Poster View
Sensitivity of Ionosphere/Thermosphere to high-latitude drivers Ja Soon Shim Poster View
GHOST: Conception to Science Joshua J Murphy Poster View
Evaluation of Relativistic Electron Flux Forecast at GEO Satellite Tsutomu Nagatsuma Poster View
Predicting geomagnetic field variations for GIC modelling at a mid-latitude station Stefan I Lotz Poster View
Correlating Type II and III Radio Bursts with Solar Energetic Particle Events Lisa M Winter Poster View
Problems of reliability of the data on SEP measurements at different stages of data analysis and physical modeling Mikhail Panasyuk Poster View
Ensemble Modeling of the July 23, 2012 CME Event Michele D Cash Poster View
Quantifying Storm Effects on the Thermospheric Neutral Density Using Orbital Averages on Champ Satellite Track Emine Ceren Kalafatoglu Eyiguler Poster View
Multi-Instrument Near-Simultaneous Vector Magnetometer Measurements And Response To Solar Wind Drivers: Space Technology 5 and DMSP Liam M Kilcommons Poster View
Real­time Ensemble Forecasting of Coronal Mass Ejections using the WSA-ENLIL+Cone Model M. Leila Mays Poster View
Forecasting the Impact of Equinoctial High-Speed Stream Structures on Thermospheric Responses Ryan M. McGranaghan Poster View
Innovative Space Weather Tools for CME analysis, Modeling, and Community Model Validation at CCMC/SWRC Richard E Mullinix Poster View
Forecasting Solar Flares: Status and Recent Developments KD Leka Invited Speaker View
Forecasting Solar Flares: Recent Results from a NOAA/SBIR Phase-I Study KD Leka Poster View
Software Tools for Space Weather research, forecast, and anomaly analysis Chiu P Wiegand Poster View
Geosynergy Hazard Analysis Jennifer Gannon Poster View
Establishing the Geomagnetic Disturbance Benchmark Event for Evaluation of the Space Weather Hazard on Power Grids Antti Pulkkinen Invited Speaker View
Community Coordinated Modeling Center: Prototyping and accelerating implementation of advanced space weather models and forecasting systems. Masha M Kuznetsova Invited Speaker View
WASAVIES: Warning System for Aviation Exposure to Solar Energetic Particles Tatsuhiko Sato Invited Speaker View
GPS-Aided Space Weather Monitoring Gerald Thompson Poster View
Time-causal operational estimation of electric fields induced in the Earth's lithosphere during magnetic storms Jeffrey J Love Poster View
Development of new solar radio telescope in NICT Yuki Kubo Poster View
From DICE to DIME: An Evolution of CubeSat Based E-field Instrumentation Marcin Pilinski Poster View
Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances Across North America from GPS TEC Measurements Geoff Crowley Poster View
OSSE Experiments to Determine the Value of Various Observing Systems for Ionosphere-Thermosphere Specification Irfan Azeem Poster View
Solar Proton Events of Solar Cycle 24 Richard A Mewaldt Invited Speaker View
The Empirical Shock Arrival Model: Testing with STEREO and SOHO Data Nat Gopalswamy Poster View
Radiation Dosimetry Experiment (RaD-X): High-Altitude Balloon Flight Mission for Improving the NAIRAS Model Christopher J. Mertens Poster View
Aircrew dosimetry: monitoring and operational services in France. Nicolas Fuller Invited Speaker View
GOES Solar EUV Spectral Irradiance Observations and EUV Proxy Model Rodney Viereck Poster View
Space Weather Ballooning Tony Phillips Poster View
COSMIC-2: A Platform for Advanced Ionospheric Observations Paul R. Straus Poster View
Renewal of NICT Reception System for Real-time Solar Wind Data Shinichi Watari Poster View
Health Standards for Long Duration and Exploration Spaceflight: Ethics Principles, Responsibilities and Decision Framework Ronald E. Turner Invited Speaker View
Space Weather and FEMA Leviticus Andre Lewis Invited Speaker View
STEREO as a “Planetary Hazards” Mission Madhulika Guhathakurta Invited Speaker View
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